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Don’t want Park Min Young’s career to be destroyed, Kang Jong Hyun admits he’s not as rich as the media claims.

Recently, Korean actress Park Min Young shocked the public because she was hit by rumors of dating the wealthy businessman Kang Jong Hyun.
Rumors of Park Min Young’s relationship were known from the Dispatch report on September 28, 2022.
Dispatch claims that Park Min Young and Kang Jong Hyun’s love relationship has existed for more than a year.
According to a Dispatch report, Kang Jong Hyun started a mobile phone sales business with his father in 2010.
In its report, Dispatch also said that Kang is the largest shareholder of Bithumb Holdings, which is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange companies in South Korea.
Then he was caught in fraud around 2013-2014.
The businessman was sentenced to two years and six months for financial fraud. Sunday, October 2, 2022, Kang was sentenced for manipulating the financial statements of A Capital Group worth 3.5 billion won.
In response to the Dispatch report, Park Min Young clarified that she had been romantically involved with Kang Jong Hyun through her agency.
However, in his statement, Park Min Young quickly cut ties and announced that she had broken up with Kang Jong Hyun.
Park Min Young’s agency, Hook Entertainment, released the artist’s statement on September 29, two days after dating rumors surfaced.
“First of all, Park Min Young has broken up with the individual in the dating rumors,” said Park Min Young’s agency.
In addition, Park Min Young denied that she was said to have taken material advantage while dating Kang Jong Hyun.
Unfortunately, netizens doubted Park Min Young’s statement regarding the allegations of getting a lot of financial benefits from Kang.
The reason is that the agency is considered to have taken too long to release its official statement, and the public believes that it really cut the scenario that happened with Park Min Young.
Meanwhile, Kang Jong Hyun recently finally opened his voice to take a step forward to overcome the controversy.
Launching Jaynestars Saturday, October 15, 2022, Kang clarified that he is not as rich as the tabloids claim.
In addition, he also admitted that his love relationship with Park Min Young had been mutually agreed upon to break up.
Not without reason, Kang admitted that he didn’t want to affect Park Min Young’s career.
Emphasizing his ex-girlfriend’s love and passion for acting, Kang Jong Hyun pleaded with the public and the media to leave Park Min Young alone.
Kang hopes the media can focus on writing about Park Min Young, whatever they want, but not reconnect with Park Min Young again.
Not only that, but Kang also explained that he had never owned property like what the media had revealed that described him getting out of a house and a luxury car.
Kang also dismissed rumors that he allegedly owned five Rolex watches. He admitted that the watch he had was fake.
On the other hand, Kang also admitted that during his romantic relationship with Park Min Young, he only gave one Chanel wallet to his ex-girlfriend.
Kang admitted that it was Park Min Young who gave him more gifts.



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