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Drama Anna Suzy Faces Serious Problems, The Director Threatens Coupang Play Because Of This.

Anna became one of Suzy’s dramas that got a lot of fan love. The Korean drama Anna, released some time ago, made Suzy receive good reviews as an actress.
This mystery genre drama airs on Coupang Play every Friday. Presents the story of a woman who has lived a life she built through a small lie. Starting with trivial lies from her name to family, education and past.
Suzy received good reviews for playing the role of Lee Yoo Mi, a woman born to a poor father and disabled mother.
After that, Lee Yoo Mi’s character builds her life into the perfect woman, Lee Anna, who everyone is envious. In addition to the lies from Lee Anna’s or Lee Yoo Mi’s characters, it turns out that Coupang Play has omitted Ada in Anna’s drama.
Coupang Play suddenly received a threat from the Director of this drama.
Recently director Lee Joo Young, who directed the drama Anna starring Suzy, claimed Coupang Play had ruined her work. Anna’s drama, which was expected to have an extended version, now has severe problems after its success a few months ago.
Siwoo Law Firm, director Lee Joo Young’s legal representative, announced his position in the official press release on August 2nd. Director Lee Ju Young revealed the real reason behind Anna’s sudden shorter number of episodes.
“Initially, Anna had a total of eight episodes (45 to 61 minutes per episode), but Coupang Play unilaterally edited and released Anna without consulting me, who was the Director, reducing the series. Into six episodes. Not only has the number of episodes decreased, but the narration, filming, editing, and intent of the series are all damaged,” he claimed.
“I asked them to remove my name from Director, the screenplay in the credits, but even that request was denied. I requested a correction through my agent, but I haven’t received any response yet. I hope Coupang Play will make a public apology and take corrective action.” For the sentence he made, Lee Joo Young took legal action to demand the apology he hoped for.



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