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Drama Jinxed at First Shares Behind-the-scenes Footage, Shows Na In Woo and Seohyun Spending Time Laughter.

KBS2’s Jinxed at First has revealed the behind-the-scenes look. Na In Woo and Seohyun spent time laughing and joking.
Reporting from Soompi, Sunday (31/7/2022), Jinxed at First, adapted from a webtoon, tells of a poor man who meets the goddess of fortune who comes to him to undo the curse even though a chaebol family has hidden this woman with unique abilities.
The video begins with Na In Woo looking to enjoy taking pictures of the set using a staff member’s camera. When he was praised for the quality of his shots, the actor smiled sheepishly while saying, “I love the camera.”
In the following clip, Seohyun poses as Hong Suk Chun takes her photo. While they appreciated her shot, this man told her, “I’ll send this to you.”
Then, Seohyun and Na In Woo filmed a critical scene. Na In Woo discussed with the director to edit his lines, and the set went perfectly, but in the end, Seohyun was seen running fast behind him. She told him with a laugh, “You walk fast
As the couple sat on the rail bike, Na In Woo was seen obediently holding Seohyun’s bag, but she decided to become a comedian on set by draping it over her shoulder. They also played a game of Rock Paper Scissors, which Na In Woo lost. The man closed his eyes as Seohyun prepared to flick her forehead as punishment.
While filming, Na In Woo saw a bug on Seohyun’s hat and pretended to eat it, making the girl laugh. He also tried to step on the pedal as he stood on the rails to make a solo shot. Seohyun turned, looked at him wide-eyed, and asked, “What is it?”
As they waited by the river, Seohyun tried to teach Na In Woo a dance move, specifically the footwork that looked straight out of Girls’ Generation’s “Genie.” He laughed at his sloppy effort, but the man didn’t mind as he enjoyed the experience. They quickly move on to the more severe part when the camera starts rolling, and Na In Woo pats Seohyun on the shoulder reassuringly when they’re done.



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