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Dramatic Twists in ‘My Demon’: Kim Yoo-jung Arrested, Song Kang Attacked in Shocking Finale.

In the latest episode of SBS’s Friday-Saturday drama ‘My Demon’, viewers were left reeling from a series of shocking developments. The episode, which aired on the 15th, threw its characters into a whirlwind of danger and drama.

Kim Yoo-jung, portraying Do Do-hee, found herself at the center of a murder investigation, arrested as a suspect in the killing of Kim Hae-sook’s character, Joo Cheon-sook. Meanwhile, Song Kang’s character, Jeong Gu-won, faced a life-threatening attack, leaving fans on the edge of their seats.

The episode depicted Do Do-hee and Jeong Gu-won in a desperate situation, closely following Kang Seung-ho’s character, Noh Do-kyung. A tense moment saw Jeong Gu-won narrowly escaping discovery by Noh Do-kyung, with Do-hee saving him with an impromptu kiss. The appearance of a mysterious old woman, played by Cha Jeong-hwa, added to the suspense with her cryptic remarks directed at Jeong Gu-won.

The plot also explored the cohabitation of Do Do-hee and Jeong Gu-won, marked by constant bickering and disagreements, including a spat over carrying baggage. Jeong Gu-won’s departure from their shared home added to the tension, with Do-hee reaching out to him in a bid to reconcile, only to be rebuffed.

Adding to the intrigue, Lee Sang-i’s character, Joo Seok-hoon, raised suspicions about Jeong Gu-won’s true nature, hinting at a vampire-like existence. His determination to protect Do Do-hee heightened the drama.

In a touching subplot, Jo Hye-joo’s character, Jin Ga-young, expressed her concerns about the marriage between Do Do-hee and Jeong Gu-won, relieved only after Jeong Gu-won clarified the nature of their union.

The episode ended on a cliffhanger, with Do Do-hee being implicated in a scandal linking her to Joo Cheon-sook’s death and her assets. Suspicion fell on Kim Tae-hoon’s character, Noh Seok-min, as the likely source of the damaging fake news.

The finale saw a dramatic twist, with Kim Seol-jin’s character, Ki Gwang-cheol, attacking Jeong Gu-won. Despite his fading consciousness, Jeong Gu-won’s thoughts remained fixed on Do Do-hee, leaving viewers anxiously awaiting the resolution of these intense developments in the next episode.

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