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Driving a large displacement vehicle together, Song Hye Kyo is very cool. Son Ye Jin shows her pregnant belly and is still playing

In 2015, Song Hye Kyo participated in the film project I Am Queen, directed by Y Nang Tinh. In this work, Song Joong Ki’s ex-wife had scenes with motorcycles. Dressed in a dynamic outfit with a long coat and jeans, Hye Kyo wore a helmet and sat in the car very skillfully.

Actress Descendants of the Sun quickly caused a fever with these scenes. The audience comments on her as having both a rebellious personality and a strong mystery.

Meanwhile, Son Ye Jin attracted attention with the image of riding a large displacement motorcycle when she was dating Hyun Bin and when she was someone’s wife. The promotional photo shows Ye Jin’s dynamism and youth. Few people think that she did these scenes when she entered the early stages of pregnancy.

In the clip, the actress “Crash Landing on You” wears a super cool black leather jacket, sitting on a stylish motorcycle. It can be seen that Son Ye Jin is extremely radiant and beautiful. Her skin is smooth and flawless. Netizens couldn’t help but admire Son Ye Jin’s beauty at 40. They think that thanks to the beautiful love of Hyun Bin and the happy married life, Ye Jin is younger and more beautiful than before.

Not only Song Hye Kyo and Son Ye Jin, but Korean showbiz also has many beauties that cause fever when appearing with motorbikes. Among them is Ha Ji Won, an actress known for her dangerous stunts. She looks strong and cool when riding a motorcycle in a Sector 7 movie scene. It is known that the image above has not been processed, but Ji Won is still impressed by her extremely cool aura.

Lee Na Young also had the opportunity to drive a 650cc BMW in the movie Howling. In this project, Won Bin’s wife plays a female detective who investigates a serial killer.

With a large displacement motorcycle, actress Shin Se Kyung had a makeover in the movie Blue Salt. The 9X beauty no longer looks innocent and pure but suddenly turns cold when taking on the role of an assassin.

Also, riding a motorcycle, the expression of “Snow Queen” Sung Yuri is the opposite of other actors. She did not feel fear but looked extremely excited because she was challenged with a large displacement bike.



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