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Dubbed Son Ye Jin’s Duplicate, Kim So Hyun’s Career Fate Is Not As Lucky As Hyun Bin’s Wife?

Kim So Hyun is known as a child actress because she started her career at 7 years old.
Kim So Hyun herself debuted in acting as a supporting player in Drama City “Ten Minute, Minor” in 2006 and played the childhood character of Do Yong sim.
Yes, since her debut as an actress, Kim So Hyun has often played the role of the younger version of the main character and managed to steal hearts because of her beautiful visuals and stunning acting.
Kim So Hyun even got the nickname Son Ye Jin mini, aka Son Ye Jin’s duplicate, after playing the younger version of Princess Deok Hye, the character played by Son Ye Jin in the 2016 film The Last Princess.
Both are similar in the shape of their faces and the vibes they emit.
Son Ye Jin and Kim So Hyun are famous for having bright, innocent, and kind images.
Their faces were so similar that Son Ye Jin even admitted it herself.
Launching from Soompi on Thursday, July 9, 2022, during an interview for the 2016 film The Last Princess, Son Ye Jin was impressed by Kim So Hyun’s acting talent and acknowledged the similarities between them.
“Even in my eyes, we look alike,” he said.
“I read So Hyun’s interview in an article and I think she is a very beautiful and talented actress.”
“That makes him an important part of our film, and I’m proud that he was able to portray his character well,” added the Crash Landing on You star.
Despite being young, Kim So Hyun has been in the industry for 14 years and constantly challenges herself with a different image.
The actress has also received praise for acting in various drama titles such as Moon Embracing The Sun, School 2015, The Tale of Nokdu, Love Alarm, and most recently, River Was The Moon Rises.
But recently, Kim So Hyun’s career path was considered not as lucky as Son Ye Jin’s because the 23-year-old actress now rarely appears because she chose the wrong agency.
Yep, Kim So Hyun’s fans have recently been made nervous because the actress’s appearance is increasingly rare in public.
Here is allegedly due to the lack of support from his new agency, Culture Depot.
In January 2021, Kim So Hyun left her old agency E&T Story Entertainment to join Culture Depot, which houses various famous artists.
The artists included Jun Ji Hyun, Go So Young, Park Min Young, and Jo Jung Suk.
Launching from kbizoom, during her time under her new agency, Kim So Hyun only took on one project, namely the drama River Were The Moon Rises.
Even so, she became a Best Actress nominee at the 2021 Baeksang Arts Awards.
The rest, Kim So Hyun, only appeared in the Korean Singles photoshoot in April 2021 and hosted the 2021 KBS Drama Awards.
Since then, Kim So Hyun has disappeared from the screen in both K-drama, variety shows, and movies.
With this lack of promotion, fans wonder if Culture Depot is wasting Kim So Hyun’s talent.
Especially when the actress is actually at the most important stage in her career.
Not only that, the style and appearance of the actress who was Song Kang’s co-star have also decreased since joining Culture Depot.
Not a few of her fans thought Kim So Hyun appeared with lousy makeup and clothes that didn’t suit her.
Her agency is now trying too hard to make Kim So Hyun look mature even though the actress is still young.
Previously, Culture Depot was considered the right choice for Kim So Hyun.
But now it seems wrong, especially after the news that Jun Ji Hyun left the company that oversees him on May 30 and was followed by CEO Kim Seon Jung, causing the agency’s fall.
On the other hand, considering Kim So Hyun’s very young age with her beautiful visuals and her ability in the Korean entertainment industry, especially in acting, Kim So Hyun is still very likely to improve her career and could be as lucky as Son Ye Jin and even surpass her if she continues to develop her acting talent and supported by the right hand.



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