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During his military service, Song Joong Ki surprised guests by attending the wedding of this beautiful actress.

Song Joong Ki’s name never escapes public discussion.
Song Joong Ki is popular since he starred in the drama Descendants of The Sun along with Song Hye Kyo.
He has starred in many dramas during his career.
Thanks to the drama he played, Song Joong Ki became close to his co-stars, both female and male artists.
One female actress still on good terms with Song Joong Ki is Lee Young Eun.
The two of them worked together in the SBS drama ‘OB & GY,’ aired in 2010 when they were starting.
In the drama, Song Joong Ki and Lee Young Eun played a couple who eventually continued their marriage relationship.
Thanks to the drama, the two became close to each other like brother and sister.
In 2014, when Lee Young Eun married, Song Joong Ki served in the military.
Since Song Joong Ki was not allowed to use his phone while in the military, Lee Young Eun couldn’t find a way to invite Song Joong Ki to his wedding.
However, Song Hye Kyo’s ex-husband still attended Lee Young Eun’s wedding ceremony even though he was far away at that time.
Appearing on a program in the past, Lee Young Eun said, “I feel very happy and grateful when Song Joong-ki appears at the wedding hall even when he only has a few days off.”
Lee Young Eun also praised Song Joong Ki for the drama Descendants of the Sun.
For two years, Lee Young Eun confessed that she had taken a break to get married and give birth.
That’s why he found it very difficult to contact Song Joong Ki after that.
Lee Young Eun is now 39 years old, but she still looks youthful with an impressive beauty like when she was in her 20s.
Currently, Lee Young Eun is filming the MBC drama ‘The Secret House’ as Baek Joo-hong.



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