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During the shooting of ‘Reborn Rich,’ Song Joong Ki revealed his actual identity.

Song Joong Ki committed all of his focus to his work after divorcing Song Hye Kyo. Currently, the actor is having an excellent performance in the movie Reborn Rich. The work also demonstrates the ability to choose an inventive screenplay as well as ex-husband Song Hye Kyo’s superb performing.
However, while portraying Reborn Rich, he considered that Song Joong Ki was too “artificial” when he misused beauty treatments to make his skin smooth and his face seem younger and fit for the student image. Even Song Joong Ki’s “cafĂ© skin” became a trending topic on Korean social media when the new film was released.
The development of the film “Reborn Rich” also exposed the truth regarding Song Joong Ki’s looks. The truth about ex-husband Song Hye Kyo’s U40-year-old face has also been revealed in behind-the-scenes footage released by JTBC station.
It can be noted that, while comparing the photographs on the film with the behind-the-scenes shots in the same scenario, the spectator will more or less perceive the change in Song Joong Ki’s face. Behind the scenes, his face is somewhat lifeless, his skin is not very smooth, his eyes are sleepy. But it cannot be disputed that this difference is not too big, nor to the degree that Song Joong Ki needs to be stoned for beauty difficulties. It’s very tough to appear like you’re in your twenties when you’re nearing 40, and whether you apply the beauty filter or not isn’t a huge deal.
Currently, Song Joong Ki’s film “Reborn Rich” is gaining popularity among audiences and obtaining high viewing figures. This feat promises to be maintained in the future. Meanwhile, Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo will formally meet at the end of December when Song Hye Kyo’s new film The Glory premieres.



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