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Evidence shows that Song Hye Kyo is extremely friendly and gentle from the fans’ perspective.

Recently, a short clip filmed during Song Hye Kyo’s recent event in France suddenly became a hot topic of discussion on social forums.
In addition to the main character’s presence, the post’s sharing lines have also attracted a lot of attention from netizens.
Specifically, besides the posted video, there is also the caption: “Seeing a real person is super beautiful. Excellent condition, snow-white skin, and maintaining body shape are also nothing to say. Moreover, his words are extremely gentle; when he laughs, he is not completely rigid; it’s just that compared to youth, he has a more mature charm.”
Just a few minutes after being posted, the above article has received a lot of likes and interactions from people. Most people praise Song Hye Kyo’s fresh and beautiful appearance. In addition, her fans also had the opportunity to defend and regain justice for their idols:


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Bài viết do FangirlIsMyLife (@missroses_thefangirl) chia sẻ

– Hey, try to be relaxed and chic. Our beautiful sister is a bit easy to approach.
– The last time I saw every photo posted, it was a stiff style, but after watching the video, I felt friendly and brutally attractive.
– Can you believe that she is almost 42 years old? I love this beauty.
Shortly, Hye Kyo will “reunite” screenwriter Kim Eun Sook (Descendants of the Sun) with the horror film – revenge, The Glory. The film is about a girl who was a victim of school violence to give up her dream of becoming an architect. She executes her revenge plan with the help of a handsome companion (played by Lee Do Hyun).



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