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Exciting news! Son Ye Jin revealed her preparations for her son’s 1st birthday!

Son Ye Jin, the beloved South Korean actress known for her stunning performances and timeless beauty, recently treated her fans to an unexpected surprise. The celebrated actress, who has captured hearts worldwide, made a much-anticipated update on her social media. Fans were delighted as they got a glimpse of her preparations for her son’s upcoming first birthday.

In her latest social media post, Son Ye Jin radiated grace and elegance. She shared not one, but two beautiful pictures, featuring herself alongside her dedicated team. Dressed in traditional Korean clothing known as a “handbook,” she looked absolutely resplendent. Her choice of attire immediately caught the attention of her fans, sparking speculations and curiosity. It appeared as though she might have recently taken these photos in preparation for her son’s first birthday celebration.

In Korea, celebrating a baby’s first birthday is a significant and cherished tradition known as “doljanchi” or “dol.” During this joyous occasion, a baby is placed in front of a selection of items or objects. The baby is then encouraged to choose one or two items from the array, each symbolizing a different aspect of the child’s future, be it their career or lifestyle. This tradition holds immense cultural and sentimental value in Korean families.

The adorable baby Alkong, Son Ye Jin and her husband, Hyun Bin’s precious son, is soon to turn one year old on November 27. Fans are speculating that the couple might already be actively preparing for this significant milestone in their child’s life. Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin, who have always been private about their personal life, have recently opened up and shared glimpses of their family life on social media.

Notably, Son Ye Jin appeared as a guest on a golf-related YouTube channel, where she talked about her experience as a mother. She shared, “Of course, there are challenging aspects to parenting, but the happiness a child brings is unlike any other. I’ve been living a somewhat different life until now, having worked for over 20 years, but now I’m concentrating more on my family, and I’m so happy. I want to do better, take good care of my child, and be a good wife and mother. It requires a lot of energy, but I’m still very happy.”

This heartwarming insight into Son Ye Jin’s life as a mother reveals the joy and fulfillment that motherhood has brought her. As fans eagerly await baby Alkong’s first birthday celebration, it’s evident that Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin are cherishing these precious family moments and creating beautiful memories with their bundle of joy. Son Ye Jin’s journey from the silver screen to motherhood is a testament to the deep happiness that parenthood can bring, and her fans couldn’t be happier for her.

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