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EXO’s Chanyeol Has Enough Songs Written for a Full-Length Album, Plans Solo Debut After Military Service.

Currently, one of the EXO members, Chanyeol, is undergoing military service.
EXO’s Chanyeol shared with a fan that he plans to make his solo debut after his military service is over.
In April, EXO’s Chanyeol held a fan sign for the military musical Melissa’s Song.
He is still completing his mandatory military service and will be completing his compulsory military service this September.
And recently, more evidence was revealed that hints Chanyeol would be making his solo debut soon.
EXO-L’s Official Japan Book No.16 was released on July 29, which among other contents of the EXO members, includes an interview with Chanyeol.
The interview allowed fans to learn more about rapper EXO’s creative process as he focuses on his songwriting, composition, and music production.
At one point in his interview, the interviewer asked Chanyeol how many songs he has on his computer, which he explained is the only place he keeps all the songs he composes.
The numbers he reveals are impressive: He says he has 40 or 50 songs stored on his computer.
If Chanyeol debuts as soon as he finishes his mandatory military service, fans are now wondering if he will release a full album rather than the typical single or mini-album that most soloists debut.
I was considering that it has quite a several tracks for several full-length albums.
Fans of EXO-L will be very much looking forward to Chanyeol’s album, which is likely to come after his military service is over.



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