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EXO’s Chen and Wife Set to Celebrate Long-Awaited Wedding Ceremony After 3 Years of Marriage!

EXO’s beloved member, Chen, is ready to celebrate a joyous milestone after three years of marital bliss. The K-pop sensation and his wife have finally confirmed their plans to hold a belated wedding ceremony, marking a heartwarming moment for fans around the world.

Amidst a flurry of anticipation, the news broke on August 16 through SPOTV NEWS that EXO’s Chen will be exchanging vows with his wife in a touching ceremony scheduled for October. This significant event comes after a series of unforeseen circumstances that led to the postponement of their wedding.

SM Entertainment, the powerhouse agency behind EXO, was swift to acknowledge and confirm the heartening development. “Chen is going to hold a wedding ceremony, which has been delayed due to circumstances, in October,” stated the agency, reassuring fans that the moment they had been eagerly waiting for was finally on the horizon.

The journey to this moment has been one filled with love, growth, and challenges. Chen initially shared his marriage announcement in January 2020, a declaration that brought both surprise and delight to his devoted supporters. Their joy multiplied when the couple welcomed their first child in April of the same year, cementing their bond as a growing family.

In January 2022, during Chen’s dedicated service in the military, another blessing arrived as his wife gave birth to their second daughter. These cherished moments were ones of profound significance, solidifying their commitment to each other amidst life’s most transformative chapters.

However, life’s intricate tapestry meant that the couple was unable to commemorate their union with a formal wedding ceremony. A series of events, including childbirth and military obligations, led to the delay. Yet, despite the challenges, Chen and his wife have quietly persisted, diligently preparing to share their love with the world through an intimate and belated celebration.

As fans eagerly await the long-anticipated nuptials, Chen remains an unstoppable force in his career. Brimming with talent and dedication, he is on the brink of releasing his inaugural Japanese solo album, titled “Polaris,” slated for August 17. To further delight his fans, he will embark on a solo Japanese tour starting on August 19, continuing to mesmerize audiences with his musical prowess and captivating stage presence.

EXO’s Chen and his wife’s impending wedding ceremony symbolizes a remarkable journey of love, resilience, and commitment. It is a testament to the enduring power of love that transcends challenges, uniting two souls in a bond that has only grown stronger with time.

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