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So Sweet! EXO’s Suho and Bae Suzy romantically hold hands, like a prince saves the princess.

EXO’s Suho and Bae Suzy are idols who debuted as the second generation in the K-Pop world. Both names are known to skyrocket after debuting together with their respective groups, namely EXO and Miss A. Although they have different agencies, EXO’s Suho and Bae Suzy are often on the same stage when they are still actively performing various concerts. Such as when attending weekly music events or annual activities usually held by various major South Korean television stations.

From various moments of meeting Suho EXO and Bae Suzy, fans were made excited and misfocused when they made the so-called unforgettable physical contact. The moment occurred when a row of idol groups held a press conference with the media in Beijing, China. In a group photo session, the group’s Miss A and EXO were seen next to where Bae Suzy looked right next to Suho EXO. The video uploaded by the YouTube channel beeBorahae shows a sweet moment between Bae Suzy and Suho EXO, which was caught on camera. At first, the 27-year-old actress seemed to lose her balance and almost fell backward. Spontaneously, Bae Suzy held on to the two people who were right and left of her. On the right, Bae Suzy is seen trying to grab the hand of her groupmate Fei and grabbing Suho EXO’s shoulder, which is right next to her left. The shocked expressions displayed by Bae Suzy and Suho EXO at that time immediately stole the attention of their fans. Because he wanted to help, EXO’s Suho seemed to hold Bae Suzy’s hand like a prince saving the princess. That’s because of the unique way EXO’s Suho tried to grab Bae Suzy’s hand using both hands. Suddenly the moment is called one of the sweetest interactions between members of the two groups. Plus, when Bae Suzy seemed to apologize to Suho EXO for spontaneously grabbing the shoulders of the handsome idol. Many claimed to be excited about the incident and made fans give various comments about the moment. “I like Suzy with EXO,” commented a fan in response to the video. “I love EXOZY moments until now I still hope one day besides Baekhyun, they will do a project together again,” wrote another fan. After the incident, both Say A and EXO-L were excited about what happened between the leader and the maknae of Miss A at that time.
Moreover, both EXO and Miss A are known to be grouped with great popularity, which made them both immediately in the spotlight. Several EXO members were also caught on camera watching what happened to the leader and making sure the members were okay. How are you also made baper with the sweet moments of Suho EXO and Bae Suzy?



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