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EXO’s Suho Fashion In Black Tailored Outfits.

Who doesn’t know about EXO? We bet you’ve heard about this boy group I assume at least once. The group is headed by Suho. He doesn’t want to use his own name, Kim Jun-myeon (), because in Korean, “Myeon” is a word that implies ramen. When he was 16 years, he joined SM Entertainment as a trainee before becoming the founding member of EXO. In Gangnam-gu, he resides with his family. 2012 saw his enrollment at Kyung Hee Cyber University. EXO made its debut in 2012, and Suho was elected group leader. EXO made their debut with MAMA, and every year after then, they’ve delivered fantastic songs and performances. Let’s examine Suho’s black clothing choice during the EXO era!
The EXO boys continue to reign supreme in K-pop. The nine members of the ensemble all have their unique flair, even if their overall look is consistently unified and striking. For instance, Chanyeol is all about the newest streetwear, but Kai favors an understated-chic look. But is there one member who is quickly becoming a style icon in their own right? Suho.
Let’s take a sneak peek at his black dashing looks of all times.
The lesson? Suho enjoys designing intriguing menswear styles that take risks while still being entirely wearable-a difficult task to accomplish.
So what do you think about Suho’s black outfit? Feel free to comment on your favorite outfit by Suho.



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