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Extraordinary! Here are the 5 most influential Kpop idols on Instagram, Lisa BLACKPINK beat Jimin BTS.

Kpop idols and stars have proved their dominance worldwide with their various talents.
The same can be seen on Instagram, where some Kpop idols rule with their fun, informative, and glamorous feeds. As a result, it attracts millions of users and fans worldwide.
From V BTS’s sudden dance performance video to BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s gorgeous photo shoot, fans constantly look for unique and exciting content from their favorite idols. Each month, based on engagement scores, popularity, and other factors, several Kpop idols earn a spot on the list of the most influential Instagram celebrities.
HypeAuditor, an AI-powered marketing platform, put out the list for July 2022, and here are the five most influential Kpop idols on Instagram this month, as reported by Sportskeeda.
5. Suga BTS
Despite Suga’s complaints about Instagram and its difficulty, his IG popularity is increasing daily.
This BTS rapper and songwriter has an impressive engagement rate and ranks 5th of the most influential Kpop idols on Instagram.
In December 2021, all BTS members broke records after their debut on Instagram.
However, Suga has impressive engagement ratings with his latest project (That That), selfies, group photos, and exciting stories featuring cats. According to HypeAuditor, singer Daechwita has an engagement score of 10.5 million.
4. Jimin BTS
Next on the list is fellow BTS member Jimin, who has an engagement rate of 11.6 million on Instagram.
Despite being among the most influential figures on the internet with 40 million followers, Jimin rarely updates his feed.
Since some Korean media label him as a South Korean ‘IT’ boy, he definitely knows how to defend his title with his lesser but still charming photos.
Fans love to see him upload various never-before-seen pictures from his daily life, which further helps to increase his popularity on the platform.
Among all Kpop celebrities, BLACKPINK’s Lisa has the most followers, and the Money singer leads the list with 80.2 million fans following her account.
The Thai rapper posts frequently, providing a glimpse into his glamorous life.
Besides her successful career as a Kpop idol, Lisa also endorses several global brands, including Celine, MAC Cosmetics, and Bulgari.
Many fans love her feed for outfit inspiration, travel vlogs, and gorgeous photo shoots.
Joining Lisa on the list is her bandmate, Jennie, with an impressive engagement rate of 8.4 million.
Like Lisa, Jennie has also become popular on social media platforms with hundreds of posts.
The South Korean singer is very active on social media as he frequently posts about his daily life, behind the scenes from MV and concert shoots, brand shoots, and more, attracting millions of followers daily.
The Solo superstar is also on his way to making his acting debut with HBO’s upcoming TV drama, The Idol.
1. V BTS
It’s no surprise that BTS’s V, aka Kim Taehyung, leads the list of Instagram’s most influential Kpop idols.
Singer Sweet Night broke many records after creating his account on the platform. She remains at the top of the list of influential idols with an astonishing engagement rate of 13.6 million.
V BTS often shows off his handsome face to his followers through stories. Moreover, he likes to peek at his private life with goofy and shirtless pictures to entertain his audience.
Sometimes, he even posts photos of his adorable pet dogs, Yeontan or Tan, which are massive hits among his fans.
In April 2022, V BTS’s popularity helped him break the record of gaining 40 million followers in a short period.
Moreover, she is the only Asian celebrity with 20 million likes on Instagram, proving her charm and undeniable popularity on Instagram.



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