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Fairy Jinni’s conclusion before departing NMIXX was compared to Song Hye Kyo’s when it went viral.

Jinni’s exit from NMIXX and JYP Entertainment has devastated the hearts of fans. Choi Yunjin, the owner of the name Choi Yunjin, never failed to enchant people with his powers and aesthetics before being ordered to depart.
Jinni became a major issue when she arrived with black hair on “Music Bank” on June 24. After NMIXX completed covering “ICY” from ITZY, Fairy Jinni’s conclusion rapidly gained the focus, and it was compared to Song Hye Kyo.
Jinni’s black hair was used to beautify her face in online forums at the time. Previously, Jinni gained fame when her dance video as a trainee went viral, and she has been compared to Song Hye Kyo ever then. Jinni was likened to the veteran actress again after switching from pink to black hair.
Apart from Song Hye Kyo, Jinni’s charm is compared to that of a variety of other celebrities, including Emma Stone and Margot Robbie. Because Jinni is just 18 years old, netizens believe she will become even more gorgeous in the future.
“That’s insane, she’s like Song Hye Kyo,” one netizen said. “I prefer Emma Stone and Margot Robbie types, and she gives me that feeling, but in an Asian way; she looks expensive and lavish… She has been my pick since her debut,” stated another netizen.
“Jinni is lovely today, but I believe she will get prettier until she is over 23 years old; after they reach adulthood and she sheds her baby fat, she will have a gangster aura; just thinking about this excites me,” said another.
“She should keep her black hair since she is quite gorgeous,” one netizen said. “Wow, but he has an entirely different mood from his pink hair day… Of course, both are jjang,” another netizen said. “He’s really too lovely!!! He seems a little chic, but he also has a bashful nature, so he’s quite sweet,” another person commented.
Meanwhile, Jinni has announced her departure from NMIXX on Friday (9/12). Personal issues were cited as the reason for Jinni’s departure. Jinni’s abrupt termination of her contract with the agency stunned admirers.
NMIXX, a sub-label of JYP Entertainment, made its formal debut in February 2022 with the album “Ad Mare” and the title tune “O.O.” They made a reappearance in September with the title songs “ENTWURF” and “Dice.” NMIXX was just named Favorite New Artist at the 2022 MAMA Awards.



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