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False rumors about Blackpink need to stop immediately.

The Blackpink members continue to cement their status as K-pop idols, but there are some seriously misperceptions about them.
1. They are not close
Many Kpop fans believe that the Blackpink members are not close and only consider each other as colleagues. However, they have repeatedly proven these to be downright malicious rumours.
Although they don’t often post pictures of going out alone, they still see each other outside of work and like to be together. There are always small actions that say a lot about their relationship.
They always support each other whenever there is a solo member.
2. They are arrogant and stuck
Because Blackpink is extremely popular, their chic concept makes many people think they are pretentious. However, in reality, they are incredibly humble and kind!
Those who have met Blackpink in real life say they are super sweet. They treat everyone kindly, from fans, staff, and everyone in the industry.
This misconception surrounds every member, especially Jennie, because of her ice princess image. Jennie is just fantastic on the outside, but she’s so cute!
3. They are not passionate about music
Because Blackpink’s discs are pretty small, many people believe that the girls are not interested in music. This couldn’t be more wrong!
Jennie once said she wished there were more songs to sing in concerts.
She also writes her rap lyrics. If you don’t have a passion for music, how can you do that?
Rose, everyone knows that she sings anytime, anywhere and with a volume full of… passion!
The members also showed their love of music through solo activities. Although Jisoo hasn’t made a solo debut yet, she already has a hidden meaning full of excitement.
All the members are working extremely hard for Blink! Even their producer, Teddy, admits to being extremely impressed with this hard work.



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