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Due to having a similar face, this famous K-pop idol is suspected of having a blood relationship with Song Joong Ki.

Recently NCT ​​DREAM has uploaded a teaser photo for their second full-length album titled ‘Glitch Mode.’ The members look very stylish in the black suits they are wearing.
One of the visuals from the SM Entertainment group member immediately stole the attention of NCT’s Renjun. Renjun’s handsome face and haircut remind the public of a famous Korean actor, namely Song Joong Ki. NCTzens also proved their resemblance by posting photos of the two celebrities.
Renjun looked neat wearing a suit similar to the clothes worn by Song Joong Ki when he starred in the drama Vincenzo. Fans had no idea how similar they were.
Netizens joked by referring to Song Joong Ki as Renjun’s father because of their significant age difference.
Song Joong Ki himself is now 36 years old, while Renjun is only 21 years old.
If we take a closer look at their faces, fans notice that the noses, eyes, and mouths of the two are pretty similar when put together. The way they smiled faintly was also called the same. These two celebrities always look stunning with their adorable visuals.
Renjun is also predicted to have a youthful face like Song Joong Ki later.
As if not satisfied with the facial comparison, netizens have again strengthened the resemblance of Renjun and Song Joong Ki’s faces through an upload. To strengthen this, fans are willing to edit and change Song Joong Ki’s face with Renjun’s face to show how similar they are.
Seen from the proper perspective, it turns out that their level of resemblance is already like one lineage. But of course, Renjun and Song Joong Ki are not relatives because the two celebrities are from different countries.
Fans feel that if the two were brought together in one frame, they would be able to see the resemblance more clearly. Now Song Joong Ki is busy filming his latest drama while Renjun is preparing to release the group’s second album.
Glitch Mode album will be released at the end of March 2022. The album will later contain 11 songs, some of which were co-written by NCT ​​DREAM members.



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