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Fans are perplexed after hearing that BLACKPINK will be returning.

After the Lovesick Girls MV, BLACKPINK has yet to release any music products. The members focus on solo activities and cooperate with fashion brands. Recently, the news that BLACKPINK will make a comeback made the BLINK fandom stir up. However, the reality is that the 4 girls are still working hard to fly abroad, and no new MV poster or teaser has been released.
Recently, 4 members of BLACKPINK all had international flights in turn. Jennie and Jisoo attended Paris Fashion Week for female idol brands as Global Ambassadors. Jisoo, with the complete Dior outfit, has “stormed” the media, bringing high value to the fashion house. The image of the female idol surrounded by fans and reporters surprised and admired the people.
As a House Ambassador, Jennie attended Chanel’s show and continued to prove her top-notch charm. The female idol wore a sexy black outfit, showing her tiny waist and slim legs. The luxurious and elegant temperament of the BLACKPINK beauties is entirely overwhelming and confident in front of the camera. Jennie’s reputation at the fashion event is so strong that international reporters now remember her name.
Not only stopping at Chanel’s fashion event, Jennie then went to Hawaii to attend JACQUEMUS’s LE SPLASH EVENT event. At the party with international stars, the main rapper made fans “burn their eyes” because of the incredibly sexy dress. The crop top reveals the eye-catching waist and hips. Jennie in the West seems to be a completely different state.
The sisters Lisa and Rosé also went to the world because of their schedules. Lisa was in Rome to visit the Bvlgari brand store. Meanwhile, the schedule of the main vocalist BLACKPINK has not been revealed yet. The brand’s CEO also said that Lisa would film a new campaign in 2022.
Besides international activities, BLACKPINK members have many other private projects. The oldest sister Jisoo was pushed by Dior on the magazine’s cover very hard. She appeared on the cover of the April issue of Vogue. Jisoo’s style this time brings an intense explosion, both “bad girl” and full of charm and personality.
Not stopping there, Jisoo also wore Dior on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar May issue. This time, she turned into beauty with lightness and sweetness.



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