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Fans demanded ‘better treatment’ to Tzuyu after Twice released the DVD ‘#TWICE4’.

While fans were excited about the album’s release, some fans noticed that Tzuyu was absent from the film’s introduction to the MV More & More – Japanese Version included in the album DVD.
Tzuyu appeared in a group scene with the rest of the members at the movie’s beginning, filming the MV More & More – Japanese Version.
However, Tzuyu did not get a solo shot in the intro of the movie she was working on.
Solo photos of the members appear according to their ages, starting with the oldest member, Nayeon.
Tzuyu is the youngest member, so her solo shot should have been at the end of the intro, but another shot of Momo was in place of Tzuyu.
Fans have also noticed that Tzuyu doesn’t have a solo scene in the Japanese I CAN’T STOP ME MV, which is included on the #TWICE4 DVD even though she does have a scene in the Korean version MV.
After fans noticed that Tzuyu didn’t get a single solo shot during the movie’s introduction to the MV More & More – Japanese Version and the Japanese music video CAN’T, STOP ME, they trended. #TzuyuDeservesBetter on Twitter to call attention to what they say is Tzuyu’s abuse.
JYP Entertainment released a statement regarding Tzuyu’s absence from the MV More & More – Japanese Version intro through Twice’s official Japanese Twitter account.
“Thank you so much for continuing to support Twice. The content of Movies making MV More & More – Japanese Version is included in the DVD of #TWICE4 Limited First Press Version B (WPZL-31947), released on March 16, in the final stage of production when making the master video. There was a system problem that caused only the cuttings to be replaced.
We sincerely apologize for the great inconvenience and discomfort we have caused to the members and everyone involved and the fans who have always supported us.
In the future, we will take great care to prevent this from happening again and make every effort to prevent it from happening again.
The exact video will be available on ‘TWICE JAPAN OFFICIAL YouTube Channel’ from 9 pm on March 18.
Once again, we sincerely apologize” – JYP Entertainment.
While JYP Entertainment stated that Tzuyu’s solo footage was removed from the intro due to a system error, ONCEs suggested that the company check the DVD footage for errors before distributing the DVD.
Meanwhile, the edited version of the music video film More & More – Japanese Version has been uploaded to the YouTube channel TWICE JAPAN OFFICIAL.



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