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Fans surprised to learn that Hyun Bin served as a tray carrier for a popular K-pop group.

Before he became one of South Korea’s most beloved leading men, Hyun Bin had humble beginnings in the entertainment industry. Many fans might be surprised to learn that he once served as a tray carrier for a popular K-pop group.

Back in the early 2000s, Hyun Bin found himself in a supporting role, not on the silver screen, but as a tray carrier for the renowned K-pop group, Shinwa. In 2004, he took on his first acting project, co-starring alongside Kim Dongwan, a member of Shinwa. Vintage photographs from that time capture the handsome actor donning a taekwondo outfit. Interestingly, in this project, which happened to be one of his earliest appearances, he played a supporting role, providing background support for Kim Dongwan. Hyun Bin was responsible for carrying trays, not the spotlight.

When these throwback images resurfaced, they stirred diverse reactions from netizens. Some expressed amusement, commenting on how Hyun Bin’s early career appeared quite comical, while others noted the stark contrast between his tray-carrying duties and his later rise to stardom. They said things like, “Back then, Hyun Bin looked quite funny,” “Newcomers had quite a different set of tasks,” “Who would have thought that the young man carrying trays would become one of the top actors in the showbiz,” and “Even in the background, he managed to stand out.”

Despite the initial challenges and his unassuming beginnings, Hyun Bin persevered. Over the years, he has established himself as a prominent figure in the Korean entertainment industry. Beyond his successful acting career, he has also earned admiration for his blissful family life. In March 2022, Hyun Bin tied the knot with Son Ye Jin, and by the end of the year, they welcomed their first child.

As for Kim Dongwan, life in the limelight hasn’t been without its pressures. After struggling with insomnia, exhaustion, and emotional turmoil for an extended period, he decided to make a significant change. He relocated to the countryside, seeking solace away from the hectic entertainment industry. Living in this rural setting for the past six years has significantly improved his health. As he approaches his 50s, Kim Dongwan is reflective about marriage, having experienced the ups and downs of romantic relationships.

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