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Finally! Son Ye Jin posted photo of baby Alkong in her instagram account!

South Korean actress Son Ye Jin recently took to Instagram to share a special moment – a photo of her adorable baby Alkong, marking his first birthday. This post, eagerly anticipated by her fans, showcases not just a mother’s love but also a unique connection between her past and present.

In the photo, which Son Ye Jin describes as a “blurred picture,” she draws a parallel between her own childhood and her child’s current experiences. This intriguing comparison is thoughtfully elaborated in her caption, “the unforgettable young me in the blurred picture coincides with my child.” This statement resonates with many, as it beautifully encapsulates the mysterious journey of seeing one’s traits and memories reflected in their child.

Expressing her gratitude, Son Ye Jin thanks her fans for the overwhelming birthday wishes and gifts sent for Alkong. However, she gently requests that instead of material gifts, heartfelt letters would be more meaningful. “From now on, it’s really enough if you send me a letter from your heart,” she writes, highlighting the emotional value she places on these personal messages.

Son Ye Jin ends her post on a note of deep appreciation for the continuous support and encouragement from her fans. She acknowledges that the letters of encouragement she sporadically receives are her “biggest consolation.” This heartfelt acknowledgement not only strengthens her bond with her fans but also shows her genuine appreciation for their support.

Through this Instagram post, Son Ye Jin has not only celebrated a significant milestone in her child’s life but has also invited her fans to partake in her journey of motherhood. Her message of preferring heartfelt letters over material gifts is a touching reminder of the simple yet profound ways in which we can connect and support each other in this fast-paced world.

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