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Following Jisoo BLACKPINK Playing Drama, Here’s What Jennie Looks Like in The Idol Trailer.

Among the four BLACKPINK members, Jisoo is the one who has tasted the world of acting before.
BLACKPINK’s Jisoo debuted as an actress in a drama titled Snowdrop, directed by Jo Hyun Tak.
Quoting Asianwiki, in the drama Snowdrop, BLACKPINK’s Jisoo collided with handsome actor Jung Hae In. Snowdrop aired on December 18, 2021, on the JTBC channel and the Disney+ platform.
Shortly after Snowdrop ended, news circulated that BLACKPINK’s Jennie would also follow Jisoo’s debut as an actress.
BLACKPINK’s Jennie is rumored to be starring in the United States series The Idol. This news is not just a rumor. Jennie appeared in the recently released trailer for The Idol. The Idol is a mysterious HBO cult drama by “Euphoria” creator Sam Levinson.
Besides Lily-Rose Depp and The Weeknd, this drama also stars Debby Ryan, Rachel Sennott, Hari Nef, and BLACKPINK’s Kim Jennie. The trailer opens with the caption, “From the sick and twisted minds of Abel and Sam Levinson.” Then proceed with the scene of Lily-Rose Depp, who falls in love with a mysterious cult leader played by The Weeknd.
Soon, Lily’s life is filled with drugs, violence, and endless parties. Towards the end of the trailer, someone asks Lily-Rose Depp’s character, “Do you believe me?”
Then he replied, “Not really.”
The trailer also shows the figure of BLACKPINK’s Jennie next to a white man with a beard.
According to a report from Korean news Yonhap on July 19, 2022, Kim Jennie has given her statement on her involvement in The Idol.
“Finding the script is very interesting, so I want to be a part of the series,” said Kim Jennie
“I feel very excited. I will work hard, so please watch over me with affection,” she added, quoted from Popsugar.
The Idol itself has been in production since June 2021 ago. This series is also widely discussed because it is studded with stars.
In addition to the artists mentioned above, Troye Sivan, Steve Zissis, Juliebeth Gonzalez, Maya Eshet, Tyson Ritter, Kate Lyn Sheil, Liz Sierra, and Finley Rose Slater.
But until now, it is not clear their role in this limited series, The Idol 2022.
Meanwhile, The Idol drama doesn’t have an official release date yet, so stay tuned!



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