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Following the surprising news of Song Joong Ki having a girlfriend, people began to compare Song Joong Ki and Lee Jong Suk.

Recently, the public has been “standing still” in front of the public dating of Song Joong Ki and Lee Jong Suk, two of the most well-known male gods in Korea right now. Both have decided to announce their relationship in the last weeks of 2022.
Both Lee Jong Suk and Song Joong Ki are now the most well-known male gods in the Korean entertainment business, so it is not hard to see why people compare them since they were both openly dating at the time. nearby points
Many people made the observation that, based on the degree of noise, it seems like Song Joong Ki and his British girlfriend still have the upper hand over Lee Jong Suk and IU’s public courting. Due in part to Song Joong Ki’s girlfriend’s identity being a secret,
When accepting the Daesang, Song Joong Ki and Lee Jong Suk both made overt references to their girlfriends in their remarks. According to reports, Song Joong Ki used the phrase “My dear Katy” to allude to his girlfriend at a speech in September 2021. Of course, nobody at the moment paid attention to Song Joong Ki’s use of the name in the speech.
Everything only became “digged” when Song Joong Ki made his British girlfriend’s relationship public. At this point, many started to recall that Song Joong Ki had mentioned Katy. From this, speculations spread that Katy Louise Saunders, a former British actress, is Song Joong Ki’s girlfriend. Along with it, several rumors about her personal life also gained greater notoriety. However, Song Joong Ki’s management business declined to comment rather than verifying this information.
Additionally, a large number of anti-fans also voiced their disgust with Song Joong Ki’s public exhibition. They contend that the actor planned his public dating to coincide with the release of his ex-wife Song Hye Kyo’s film “The Glory” and the conclusion of the movie “The Youngest Tycoon” in order to “steal the focus” from the media. pine. But there isn’t a shred of data to support it; it’s simply the public’s biased perception.
Regarding Lee Jong Suk, it is also said that during his speech after accepting the Daesang prize at the MBC Drama Awards 2022, he made a secret reference to his girlfriend. In his remarks, Lee Jong Suk said, “I appreciate you being so kind. For a very long time, I have admired and really appreciated him. I always feel like I should have put in more effort to develop into a more complete version of myself whenever I see him “.
Lee Jong Suk only needed to wait less than a day to refer to IU as his “lover,” in contrast to Song Joong Ki who had to wait more than a year after his speech to reveal his girlfriend.
The quiet and non-dramatic narrative of Lee Jong Suk and IU proclaiming their relationship looks much more serene in comparison to Song Joong Ki’s public dating. Everyone is quite supportive of the couple’s affection for one another. The public expression of love between Lee Jong Suk and IU also created a commotion in social networks for many days, while not being as loud as Song Joong Ki.
Both Song Joong Ki and Lee Jong Suk’s acceptance speeches included powerful declarations of “beloved.” However, a lot of people still choose Lee Jong Suk because they believe the actor delivers a protracted and passionate monologue while discussing “that person.”
Since neither hesitates to publicly declare their love, they are both regarded as very courageous male performers. However, it may make it simple for them both to lose supporters. Should modern celebrities have the fortitude to confront and defend love like these two masculine deities.



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