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For the first time, Son Ye Jin flaunted her son while expressing her love to her spouse.

Actress Kid Ye Jin published her first post after giving birth to her first son on her personal page on December 24. With Christmas greetings for her followers, the actress uploaded a picture of her infant son’s little feet.
Son Ye Jin thanked her family’s followers for their unwavering support and for helping her give birth without incident in the letter she sent to the physicians and nurses who assisted her. She also expressed her love for her spouse and joy at becoming a mother for the first time.
Son Ye Jin’s post received over 1 million “likes” and thousands of comments from fans within a short period of time after it was published.
The Korean beauty began the letter by writing: “Happy Holidays! What’s up? Nearing the end of 2022, I’m OK thanks to everyone’s concern and support. This year continues to be unique. Everyone is aware that a priceless person was born and arrived among us. I am very appreciative of everyone’s genuine love and support. It also benefits her. The infant was healthy at birth.”
When Baby Ye Jin’s first son was delivered sooner than planned, she said that she was really concerned, but happily, everything proceeded without a hitch. “I delivered through vaginal birth successfully. I want to express my sincere gratitude to female doctor Shin Mi Young for treating me with such compassion. I was continually encouraged by Professor Oh Soo Young of Samsung Seoul Hospital. My cries when I couldn’t decide whether I wanted a cesarean section or a vaginal delivery. Additionally, the postpartum nurses calmed my body as well as my emotions. I am really appreciative to everyone “She composed.
After marrying actor Hyun Bin for more than three months, Son Ye Jin announced her pregnancy in July. Son Ye Jin has nearly left the entertainment business after finding out she was expecting by taking time off and enrolling in child care classes. According to a letter Son Ye Jin previously shared online, her pregnancy was the calmest and happiest time of her life since she started working in the entertainment business.
The actress acknowledged that she had started a new era of her life after delivering baby. The single mother wrote: “I think I’ve changed significantly since becoming a parent. We are all someone’s adored little angels, I know when I look at this lovely, little person. All of the youngsters in our world sparkle just by virtue of their being.”
Through the letter, Son Ye Jin expressed her gratitude to Hyun Bin, her partner, for making her view this life in a more positive light. “I feel strong and capable when I meet someone who loves me more than I love myself. I live with greater gratitude as a result of that person’s comments and devotion. It’s difficult to give up, “Son Ye Jin said to Hyun Bin with affection.
On November 27, Son Ye Jin gave birth to her first son. Fortunately, Hyun Bin ended his abroad shooting in time and was able to return to his wife at a precious moment after the baby was delivered sooner than anticipated. Hyun Bin deliberately changed his work hours for about a month in order to spend more time with his wife and kids.
He came back in the middle of last week to promote the new film The Point Men in Korea. To match the appearance of the role in the movie, the actor had a dusty appearance and had lost some weight.
Hyun Bin also thanked the supporters for wishing his family well as they welcomed a new member. The 41-year-old actor acknowledges that his son’s presence helps his family feel closer together, but he also feels pressure as the family’s primary provider.
Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin worked together on the psychologically charged film Landing on You after first meeting as co-stars in the 2018 film The Life and Death Talk (2019).
Early in 2021, the pair declared their relationship and their intention to wed in 2022. This year in the Korean entertainment business, their wedding is regarded as the wedding of the century.
Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin both rose to prominence in the Korean entertainment sector after announcing their marriage. According to SCMP, Son Ye Jin and her husband, actor Hyun Bin, both have a net worth of $20 million.
Baby Ye Jin had great delight in her job in 2022 in addition to finally bidding goodbye to single life and receiving her first son. When Age 39, a contemporary psychological drama in which she starred, made its premiere at the beginning of the year, the public embraced and adored it. Son Ye Jin worked on this assignment as her final one before getting hitched.



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