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For the first time, Song Hye Kyo takes on a menacing character.

The trailer for The Glory was published on December 14th. This is a film project that stars actress Song Hye Kyo.
Moon Dong Eun (played by Song Hye Kyo) remarked in the teaser, “I pray you get to paradise once you die, for your existence here is horrible,” with an expressionless face. Song Hye Kyo’s look this time was substantially different from her prior roles, according to the crowd. The actress wears short hair, little makeup, and seldom expresses emotion on her face.
Instead of the typical feminine pearl image, Song Hye Kyo clearly demonstrates a bit rebellious attitude in the part of Dong Eun. Moon Dong Eun is a young woman who grew up in a dysfunctional home. She had to bear numerous injustices since infancy, therefore she harbored a grudge. She wants to exact vengeance on those who have wronged her in the past.
Song Hye Kyo said in an interview that Moon Dong Eun is a part she has always desired to play. The actor is looking for a chance to showcase her talent in character and cold-blooded parts.
Song Hye Kyo was often chastised for wearing one color, faded, before taking on the role of Moon Dong Eun. Her characters are gorgeous, wealthy women who have a love story with the male hero. Although the public believed that Song Hye Kyo’s parts were not challenging, they did not allow her to demonstrate her acting talent.
As a result, The Glory is likely to assist Song Hye Kyo in creating a buzz for her rather “sink” career in the past. This is the creation of famed writers Kim Eun Sook and director Ahn Gil Ho. Eun Sook was a scriptwriter for numerous hit films before The Glory, including Descendants of the Sun, Paris Love Story, A Gentleman’s Quality, and…



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