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Song Kang and Park Min Young Misunderstand Each Other, Forecasting Love and Weather Episode 11 Comes Full of Problems.

The Korean drama Forecasting Love and Weather on Saturday (19/3/2022) has entered episode 11 and will broadcast episode 12 tonight, Sunday (20/3/2022), at 22.30 WIB.
Forecasting Love and Weather has become a series discussed by K-Drama lovers and other popular dramas that aired this March.
The drama, starring Park Min Young and Song Kang, has always been a long-awaited drama to accompany the audience on Saturdays and Sundays. In this episode, Jin Ha Kyung (Park Min Young) wants to do things according to the rules and is very careful in her personal life and work matters. Jin Ha Kyung decides to send his team members on duty to the Typhoon Research Center on Jeju Island.
He chose to assign Lee Si Woo (Song Kang), even though it cost them about two months apart. A heated situation began to occur between Jin Ha Kyung and Lee Si Woo because of the miscommunication of the decision regarding the assignment out of town.
Jin Ha Kyung always reasons and separates his personal life from work matters, while Lee Si Woo interprets that he was chosen for personal reasons from Jin Ha Kyung. Lee Si Woo suspects that Jin Ha Kyung believes that the ultimate goal of a relationship is marriage and wants to be alone after learning that their views are contradictory.
The next day Lee Si Woon had to leave for Jeju while their relationship was experiencing a crisis of trust.
Unexpectedly division 2 at the BMKG office received a phone call informing that one of its employees had an accident due to the explosion.
Jin Ha Kyung immediately panicked after knowing and regretting her decision. Previously, she was traumatized by a past relationship, which resulted in not being able to express her love for Lee Si Woo. So, will the two of them be able to handle the misunderstanding? On the other hand, the marriage relationship between Han Ki Jun (Yoon Park) and Chae Yoo Jin (Yura) is threatened with separation. Chae Yoo Jin, who decided to leave the house, made the situation of her domestic problems even murkier.
And other problems also happened to Um Dong Han’s daughter, who suddenly fainted while in the BMKG toilet, so she had to be taken to the hospital due to food allergies. Whereas earlier in the day, the child’s father ate together in the BMKG canteen, and the father was pleased with his son’s presence in the office. Previously, Um Dong Han’s wife strictly forbade her son to visit the BMKG office until, in the next episode, Um Dong Han’s wife will file for divorce for endless household reasons. How will these BMKG employees resolve the bad things that happen to them?



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