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Former BIGBANG member Seungri will be freed from jail shortly, shocking netizens.

Seungri, a former member of BIGBANG, will be freed from jail in less than 100 days.
Just so you know, Seungri created quite a commotion when his criminal allegations were made public. Seungri was also condemned to 1.5 years in jail by the South Korean Supreme Court.
Seungri was originally charged in January 2020 for a total of nine criminal offenses in a case relating to Burning Sun, including solicitation of illegal prostitution, illegal foreign gambling, dissemination of illegally recorded sexual material, embezzlement, threats, and assaults.
Seungri was first found guilty of all nine counts and sentenced to three years in jail during the court-martial trial. After an appeal, however, the High Military Court lowered his sentence to 1.5 years.
After Seungri was dismissed from the military on June 9 this year, he was moved to a civilian jail. Netizens were outraged because media outlets indicated at the time that Seungri will be freed from jail in only 8 months.
Seungri has been in the civil jail for roughly six months and is scheduled to be released in February 2023.
As time passed, many Korean netizens were astonished to find that Seungri’s release was just two months away, and many were concerned that he would continue his activities on YouTube.
“I imagine we’ll see it on YouTube immediately,” one netizen voiced worry.
“He’ll go to YouTube,” another netizen predicted.
“Please don’t return to YouTube, I don’t want to see you,” netizens commented.
“He’ll be out in two months?” said another netizen.



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