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Former T-ara Member Areum Speaks Out Against False Allegations Regarding Her New Partner.

Areum, previously a member of the South Korean girl group T-ara, has recently addressed rumors comparing her new partner to the infamous Jeon Cheong-jo. In a firm response on her social media, Areum captured headlines suggesting a repeat of the Jeon Cheong-jo incident, calling them baseless and misleading.

Asserting her intention to seek legal action against the spread of false information, Areum emphasized the warmth and support she has received from her partner. She expressed disdain for the hurtful comments aimed at her loved ones, fueled by these rumors. Areum highlighted the impact of malicious online comments and the personal strength she has had to develop to cope with them.

In an online community, an article had insinuated that Areum’s new partner, whom she announced plans to marry following her divorce, had a criminal background involving fraud and sexual offenses. Areum strongly refuted these claims, urging people not to be deceived by such allegations.

Areum’s statement reflects her desire for a more empathetic society, where unseen struggles are acknowledged, and people refrain from baseless judgments. She concluded by expressing her disappointment in those who choose to believe and propagate such rumors, reaffirming her commitment to legal action and her plea for individuals to focus on their own lives and refrain from spreading misinformation.

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