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From High School Composer to Homeowner: The Unveiled Story of Park Hyun-bin’s ‘Shabang Shabang’.

In a recent episode of KBS 2TV’s ‘Immortal Song’, singer Park Hyun-bin revealed the fascinating backstory behind his hit song ‘Shabang Shabang’. The 2008 release had an unexpected origin – its lyrics and composition were the work of a high school student.

“I had a contest to announce a new song. The person who wrote the lyrics and composed the song was a high school student,” Park Hyun-bin shared. He was captivated by the student’s ingenious concept and decided to select the song. The catchy lyrics, including lines like ‘Your face is V-line, your body is S-line’, were inspired by common phrases used among school friends.

Interestingly, the talented friend who crafted ‘Shabang Shabang’ enlisted in the military after the song’s release. Upon completing their military service and being discharged, they surprised everyone with unexpected news – they had purchased a house using the earnings from the song’s success.

Park Hyun-bin humorously quipped, “While that friend was on duty (in the army), I worked as ‘Shabang Shabang’.” This revelation showcases the remarkable journey from a high school student’s composition to a hit song that not only entertained but also led to homeownership after military service.

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