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Funny Reasons BLACKPINK Members Aren’t Shopping With Jennie, Mothers’ Souls Come Out Really!

BLACKPINK is a girl group that has achieved tremendous success in Korea and internationally.
Besides being known for their hit songs, the four BLACKPINK members are also famous in other fields.
BLACKPINK’s Jennie, Jisoo, Rose, and Lisa are known even to enter the ranks of influential celebrities in the fashion industry and are attracted to work with world-renowned fashion brands.
With their massive success and popularity, it’s not surprising that the coffers of all BLACKPINK members continue to flow.
Even though Jisoo has abundant wealth, they have shopping habits that surprise their fans, especially BLACKPINK’s Jennie.
Jennie is considered the member who is the most diligent in bargaining when shopping, typical of mamas at the market.
Quoting Kbizoom, Saturday, July 30, 2022, it is known that Jennie always bids until the last minute.
The idol, born on January 16, 1996, will even make funny gestures to make shopkeepers give discounts.
Another secret was also revealed by Jisoo when participating in the ‘Who, Me?’ program. On The Swoon’s YouTube channel.
When Jennie feels that the seller will not give a discount, she asks if they can provide additional gifts or small items.
Jennie’s habit also makes BLACKPINK members reluctant to go shopping with her.
You see, Jennie will often encourage other members to buy printed items that are not important, especially maknae Lisa.
The solo singer always looks for interesting things and persuades Lisa to buy them.
Therefore, they are usually over-shopping and draining their pockets whenever they go shopping together.
Therefore, as much as possible, they refrain from going shopping together, especially with Jennie, because they will be tempted to buy from the former EXO Kai.
Meanwhile, BLACKPINK has been confirmed to be making a comeback in August.
Quoted from Soompi, YG Entertainment reported that all the members are preparing for their comeback.
They also announced plans for a world tour to greet fans globally.
This will be BLACKPINK’s first comeback which BLINKs have been waiting for since they released The Album about two years ago.



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