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G-Dragon and Jang Won Young IVE Rumored to be Dating?

Big Bang’s G-Dragon and IVE’s Jang Won Young recently succeeded in surprising fans after rumors of dating.
The rumors started after photos of the two attending the Paris Fashion Week fashion event circulated in cyberspace.
In the photo, the two are seen wearing clothes from MIU MIU; even G-Dragon then posted an MIU MIU sticker featuring Jang Won Young.
Launching Allkpop Wednesday (12/10/2022), the portrait immediately sparked rumors that the two were secretly dating. The issue immediately became a hot topic on social media.
As MIU MIU’s brand ambassador, Jang Won Young attended Paris Fashion Week wearing clothes from the MIU MIU 2023 Spring/Summer collection on October 8.
Some netizens immediately speculated that his clothes were very similar to the clothes worn by G-Dragon at the event.
But the rumors were immediately denied; the two idols were not wearing clothes from the same line. Jang Won Young’s clothes are from a new collection released last November.
“The clothes worn by Jang Won Young are part of the MIU MIU Holiday 23 collection, which has not yet been released. It will be released through a campaign in November,” MIU MIU said.
Meanwhile, other media revealed that Jang Won Young’s sticker used in G-Dragon’s Insta-story appeared when searching for the MIU MIU keyword on Instagram.



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