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G-Dragon to Part Ways with YG Entertainment, Future Plans Discussed Amidst Acquittal.

In a surprising turn of events, BIGBANG’s iconic member G-Dragon and his long-term agency, YG Entertainment, have officially announced their separation. This news follows closely after G-Dragon’s recent acquittal from drug-related charges on December 18.

Galaxy Corporation, which had been in discussions with G-Dragon earlier this month, has declared their intention to hold a press conference on December 21. The conference aims to shed light on G-Dragon’s drug-related case following his acquittal and to outline his prospective projects for 2024. Notably, G-Dragon will not be attending the conference.

Before this announcement, there was speculation within the industry about G-Dragon’s next move. Contrary to earlier reports by Sports Seoul about the likelihood of G-Dragon renewing his contract with YG Entertainment, recent updates have shifted the narrative. A source from YG Entertainment expressed the difficulty in commenting on the possibility of G-Dragon’s return to the agency.

Later in the day, YG Entertainment released an official statement on BIGBANG’s website, confirming the end of their journey with G-Dragon. The statement read: “G-Dragon has been a representative artist of our agency since his debut with BIGBANG in 2006. We have been honored to work with him and wish him success in his new endeavors. We ask fans for their continued support and cheer.”

G-Dragon’s contract with YG Entertainment had expired earlier in June this year. Despite the expiration of the exclusive contract, YG Entertainment had maintained a collaborative relationship with G-Dragon for activities such as advertising.

As the industry and fans alike absorb this significant change, the focus now shifts to what the future holds for G-Dragon. His journey with YG Entertainment, spanning over 17 years, has been instrumental in shaping the K-Pop scene. With the world watching, G-Dragon is set to embark on a new chapter in his illustrious career.

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