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G-Dragon Unfollow Jennie BLACKPINK’s Instagram, Don’t Want to Be Rumored Again?

G-Dragon and Jennie BLACKPINK are one of the Korean artist couples who are rumored to be in love.
YG Entertainment did not explain the relationship between G-Dragon and BLACKPINK’s Jennie to the public.
According to YG Entertainment, as reported by Dispatch, the agency cannot confirm anything regarding the personal lives of G-Dragon and BLACKPINK’s Jennie as their artists.
G-Dragon and Jennie BLACKPINK have stunning charisma with their own very distinctive styles.
BLACKPINK’s G-Dragon and Jennie are even supported by fans even though they have not confirmed their relationship.
Recently, the public was surprised by the action of G-Dragon, who unfollowed Jennie BLACKPINK.
Many fans suspect that the romantic rumors of G-Dragon and BLACKPINK’s Jennie are over.
G-Dragon with the Instagram account @peaceminusone no longer follows Instagram @jennierubyjane and @lesyeuxdenini.
There seems to be no @peaceminusone account in the Jennie BLACKPINK Instagram account followers.
However, G-Dragon’s @peaceminusone Instagram account still follows other BLACKPINK members.
There is an Instagram account @lalalalisa_m belonging to BLACKPINK’s Lisa, @roses_are_rosie’s Rose BLACKPINK, and @sooyaaa_’s Jisoo BLACKPINK.
Many netizens commented on G-Dragon’s actions to unfollow BLACKPINK’s Lisa.
Some suspect that G-Dragon doesn’t want to be associated with BLACKPINK’s Jennie anymore.
“It’s broken maybe, Jiyoung already has a new girl,” said @sendyana_w.
“Finally, Jennie is free coy,” said @artimy_2.
“It was decided,” said @kittenbloopy.
“At least they’re angry, it’s normal when dating has a fight, right,” said @lufffyyyag.
What if you think G-Dragon is just as simple as not following Instagram? Or has it been separated from Jennie BLACKPINK?



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