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Gong Yoo Expresses His Desire to Get Married and Have a Small Family.

Recently, Gong Yoo was seen attending the premiere of his new drama. As is known if Gong Yoo’s latest drama is titled The Silent Sea.
Which will premiere on December 24.
And on December 22, exactly 2 days before The Silent Sea will premiere, the premiere for this drama was held.
The drama The Silent Sea tells about the crisis of planet Earth, which is suffering from a lack of water.
Apart from the lack of water, the Earth also has a food shortage caused by desertification.
Yoon-Jae (Gong Yoo), a soldier for the space agency, is selected to be on a team.
This team has a mission to travel to the Moon.
Their mission is to retrieve a mysterious sample from an abandoned research station on the Moon.
The one where Gong Yoo will be opposite Bae Doo Na.
During the premiere, Gong Yoo was asked a question by the MC, as reported by Kbizoom.
The MCs asked him to go to the Moon like his character and what he would take with him.
Gong Yoo replied casually if he wasn’t sure about the answer.
“If I go to the Moon and stay there. I’m not sure if I should say this,” he said, quoted by Kbizoom.
If he was really going to the Moon, he thought he would need a woman to accompany him.
And this woman will later become the wife of Gong Yoo.
“But I need a woman to be my wife,” he continued.
According to him, he needs a kingdom on the Moon.
And for Gong Yoo, he would definitely need a woman to accompany him.
“Because if I can’t go back to Earth, there needs to be a kingdom there, a community there, so I think I need a woman to keep me company,” he said.
If he goes to the Moon and can return to Earth.
It turned out that Gong Yoo only needed this one device.
Because in one device, you can access many things.
“And if I were to go to the moon and be able to return to Earth, I would only need one device to be able to watch NBA Games, video games, and of course, Netflix,” he added.
In The Silent Sea, it is known that Gong Yoo will play the adventurer captain Han Yun Jae.
Yang is a man of principle who puts his work and his daughter first.
Han Yun Jae will lead an expedition to the Moon to collect remains from the research station.
With ambition, he has to cure his daughter.
However, on the way to find this mission.
Han Yun Jae found a solution to save the world.

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