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Goodnews! Song Hye Kyo was nominated again as Best Actress in Asian Academy Creative Awards 2023.

Good news! Song Hye Kyo has once again received a well-deserved nomination, this time as Best Actress in the upcoming Asian Academy Creative Awards 2023. Fans and industry insiders alike are now eagerly awaiting to see if the acclaimed actress will grace the awards night with her presence.

In a remarkable achievement, Netflix’s productions have made it to the final nominations for the 2023 AAA’s main prizes. The streaming giant announced this exciting news on October 4th. Among the notable Netflix productions that have secured their spots in the final nominations are “The Glory,” “Narco Saints,” the variety show “Physical 100,” and the documentary series “In the Name of God: A Holy Betrayal.” These works were previously selected as the 2023 AACA National winners, earning them the privilege of competing in the prestigious final nominations.

The Asian Academy Creative Awards, often referred to as AACA, is the largest content awards ceremony in Asia. It annually reviews and recognizes outstanding achievements in the Asian content market. The event is set to take place in Singapore on December 6th and 7th this year, spanning two days of celebrations. During these festivities, awards will be presented across various categories, honoring exceptional talent in fields such as acting, drama production, variety shows, and documentaries.

“The Glory,” one of the nominated works, tells the gripping story of a woman whose soul was scarred by violence during her childhood. Throughout her life, she meticulously plans and seeks revenge against those responsible, entangling others in the vortex of her pursuit. The drama has received four nominations, including Best Actress for Song Hye Kyo, Best Supporting Actress for Lim Jon, Best Screenplay for Kim Ian Suuk, and Best Drama Series. The explosive performances of the cast and the intense catharsis evoked by the characters’ meticulous revenge have propelled “The Glory” to the top of Netflix’s global rankings, earning it both popularity and acclaim.

As we eagerly anticipate the awards ceremony, the burning question remains: Will Song Hye Kyo attend the event? Regardless of her decision, we extend our warmest wishes and best of luck to her. The Asian Academy Creative Awards 2023 promises to be a glittering occasion, showcasing creative excellence from across the continent. The event will comprise two spectacular awards ceremonies—the Grand Awards and the Gala Final. These events will take place in Singapore’s historic Chijmes Hall, a 19th-century Gothic-style chapel famously known as the setting for the extravagant wedding scene in the hit movie “Crazy Rich Asians.”

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