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Great! BTS’ Winter Bear V Video Hits 100 Million Views on YouTube.

V BTS’s ‘Winter Bear’ music video viewers are reported to have exceeded 100 million more on the YouTube channel. The MV was first released in August 2019.
As reported by Koreaboo, this milestone was reached on August 3, at approximately 13:16 local time. Interestingly, it is close to the song’s third anniversary on August 10.
This work is also the first song with English lyrics composed by V and features a musical acoustic guitar melody and soft vocals.
Through this song, V BTS demonstrated his ability as a singer, songwriter, actor, and director and received favourable reviews from critics.
The song “Winter Bear” was released as a gift for the ARMY in commemorating the 1000th day the phrase ‘I Purple You’ aka ‘Borahae’ appeared.
In addition, the music video for Winter Bear received a positive response globally when it was first released.
Proven on the Sound Cloud platform, Winter Bear surpassed 140 million streams, proving its popularity.



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