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Han So Hee AND Song Hye Kyo’s Style Fights Wear Black Eyeshadow and Show Off a Flat Stomach, Similar to Brothers and Sisters.

Since becoming famous, Han So Hee’s visual reminds netizens of the beauty of actress Song Hye Kyo.
Han So Hee’s name skyrocketed in early 2020 when she starred in the drama The World of The Married.
Even though she plays an actor who is hated by many, Han So Hee’s acting skills flood the audience’s praise.
None other than because the 27-year-old actress is good at provoking the audience’s emotions with her acting.
In 2021, Han So Hee was busy filming the drama ‘Nevertheless’ to ‘My Name’.
When she became famous, Han So Hee’s beautiful face reminded netizens of actress Song Hye Kyo.
Han So Hee looked similar to Song Joong Ki’s ex-wife when their photos were juxtaposed.
Recently, Han So Hee uploaded photos of her time as a Balenciaga model. The drama player ‘Nevertheless’ looks beautiful, sexy and badass in the photoshoot.
It is known that Han So Hee has just been appointed as a global ambassador for Balenciaga. Of course, he received a fantastic fee from Balenciaga.
Han So Hee looked different with bold makeup in the photoshoot, especially in the eyes.
Her eyelids were made up of black and blue eyeshadow. At the same time, her lips were only lightly polished with pink lipstick.
Han So Hee was wearing a denim jacket and pants. The fully unbuttoned jacket made a flat stomach, and Han So Hee’s tattoos were exposed.
The makeup made netizens remember Song Hye Kyo, who recently did a photoshoot with bold makeup.
At that time, Song Hye Kyo did a photoshoot with Bazaar magazine with the fashion brand FENDI.
Unlike Han So Hee, who chose to combine black and blue eyeshadow, Song Hye Kyo chose full black eyeshadow on her eyelids.
Song Hye Kyo looks fierce and sexy with a crop top that shows her flat stomach.
Looking back at Han So Hee’s latest post, some netizens claimed to think the drama player ‘My Name’ was Song Hye Kyo.
“I think Song Hye Kyo dong huhuhuu,” wrote netizens. “More like song hye kyo, yesterday also made up items like this in his eyes,” said another.
When Han So Hee did a photoshoot with Loreal, many thought she was Song Hye Kyo.
Besides resembling Song Hye Kyo, Han So Hee is also said to be similar to the 4th generation idols, namely Ryujin ITZY and Jinni NMIXX.



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