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Han So Hee Drops a Hilarious Birthday Comment on D.O.’s Instagram – A Must-See!

In the world of celebrity friendships, a recent social media interaction has caught the attention of fans worldwide. It involves Han So Hee, a renowned actress, and D.O., a member of the popular K-pop group EXO and a respected actor.

Their bond, originating from their collaboration in the 2018 drama ‘100 Days My Prince,’ is a delightful testament to enduring friendships in the often fleeting world of showbiz.

On a memorable day, Han So Hee chose to remind D.O. of his birthday in a uniquely humorous and light-hearted manner. Visiting his Instagram, she playfully urged him, “Hyungnim, please post something since it’s your birthday…” This comment, infused with humor and a touch of teasing, brought a smile to many of their fans. The use of the term “Hyungnim,” a Korean word typically used by males to address an older brother, added a quirky and endearing twist to her birthday reminder.

Their interaction highlights the playful nature of their friendship, a bond that has flourished over the years. Fans of both Han So Hee and D.O. were quick to express their admiration and amusement at this exchange. Comments flooded in, ranging from “She’s so funny” and “Hyungnim~ lol” to concerns about D.O. forgetting his Instagram password and playful nudges for someone to teach him the ropes of Instagram.

Admirers of their on-screen chemistry in ‘100 Days My Prince’ expressed a longing to see them reunite in another project, while others found the use of “Hyungnim” adorable and a sign of their close-knit relationship.

This instance not only showcases the enduring nature of their friendship but also the way celebrities can connect with their fans in today’s digital age. It’s a reminder that behind the glamour and spotlight, stars like Han So Hee and D.O. cherish genuine, playful, and long-lasting friendships just like anyone else.

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