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Han So-hee Facing the Shadows of Comments and History.

In the quaint setting of a Samcheong-dong cafe in Seoul, actress Han So-hee recently shared her candid thoughts with Ten Asia. The topic? The dark waves of malicious comments and historical disputes, especially from Japan, following her role in the Netflix hit ‘Gyeongseong Creature’.

Set in the turbulent year of 1945, ‘Gyeongseong Creature’ dives deep into a narrative where survival is paramount, and monsters – both literal and metaphorical – emerge from the greed-infested shadows of history. Han So-hee breathes life into Yoon Chae-ok, a character with the eerie ability to find the deceased. Her portrayal, intense and captivating, stirred more than just admiration.

The storm began post-release. Han So-hee’s social media tribute to Dr. Ahn Jung-geun, a Korean independence activist, drew sharp reactions from Japanese netizens. Reflecting on this, Han So-hee said, “I didn’t expect any repercussions.

It was a spontaneous post, a moment captured in front of Dr. Ahn’s portrait, days after the series launch.” She added, “The response veered off from our narrative’s intent, which was disappointing. The series wasn’t just about a love story; it was about diverse personalities coexisting in a complex era.”

A poignant moment came when a Japanese fan commented, expressing sadness. Han So-hee’s reply? “It’s sad, but true. Thanks for your courage.” She elaborated, “That comment felt warm. It encouraged me. I reassured Japanese fans through direct messages, emphasizing that personal attacks are not the answer.”

Amidst the barrage of comments, many in Japanese, Han So-hee maintained her stance with a smile. “I express my thoughts in my personal space. It’s not about stirring a reaction but about respect and understanding diverse viewpoints. If my posts provoke thought, then they’ve served their purpose. As for the truth in the comments? It’s about perspective. And I choose to face it head-on.”

In the end, Han So-hee stands firm, unshaken by the whirlwind her role and actions have created. In a world where history and comments collide, her message is clear: understanding, courage, and the resilience to face the truth, no matter how uncomfortable it may be.

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