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Han So Hee hopes to become Song Hye Kyo’s pet dog.

Han So Hee and Song Hye Kyo are currently involved in a project to star in the drama “The Price of Confession”. The two beautiful celebrities have become very close and even interact well on social media.
So Hee recently commented on the latest post showing Hye Kyo on vacation. The “The World of The Married” star openly expressed her desire to become Hye Kyo’s pet dog. This is because in one of the photos, Hye Kyo is seen hugging Ruby tightly while smiling sweetly at the camera. So Hee commented on the photo, saying, “Today, I still dream of becoming that puppy.”
So Hee’s jealous comment immediately caught the attention of South Korean netizens. “It seems like she’s fallen in love with Hye Kyo’s charm,” wrote one netizen. “I’m excited because they seem to be getting closer,” added another.
“On the one hand, ‘The Price of Confession’ will depict the bloody story of two women around a murder case. Hye Kyo will play the character of art teacher Ahn Yoon Soo, a woman who dreams of small happiness in life. However, Yoon Soo is swept away in an unexpected event that completely changes her life. Meanwhile, So Hee will play Mo Eun, a mysterious woman whose identity is unknown. Due to her antisocial tendencies, everyone is afraid of her. But her encounter with Yoon Soo opens up a new life for Mo Eun.
Meanwhile, “The Price of Confession” is directed by Lee Eung Bok, who worked on “Sweet Home”, “Jirisan”, and “Mr. Sunshine”. The drama is likely to air around 2023.



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