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Han So Hee is still scared, When strolling down the red carpet.

Han So Hee’s voyage to England for the British Fashion Awards was recently documented in a video uploaded by W Korean magazine. In this video, the actress is both eager and worried about attending the fashion awards event, particularly because it is her first time in London (England).
Han So Hee was also questioned about her greatest red carpet moments in the video interview. In it, the actress stunned everyone by admitting that she was still nervous in front of the camera.
“The camera flash used to blind me and harm my eyes in the past. I’m still apprehensive, but I’m trying to seem as natural as possible. I’m also trying hard not to move.” Korean beauty revealed herself.
Han So Hee has often shocked the public in recent years when she entered the fashion industry and immediately achieved popularity. Many people believe that the actress is progressively displacing the “clone of Song Hye Kyo” with her “hyped” and more unique attractiveness. Korean beauty will undoubtedly attain more success if she maintains her present shape.



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