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Involved in a Fraud Case, Han So Hee Refuses to Pay the 85 million Won Debt Instigated by the Mother, the Agency Reveals the Reason.

Han So Hee suddenly became a hot conversation in cyberspace recently. Even though Han So Hee is currently on the rise because some of her dramas have been successful and have received a lot of praise. Almost everyone applauds Han So Hee, who can show her extraordinary talent on the small screen. Unfortunately, Han So Hee got into serious trouble amid her increasing popularity.
Later, Han So Hee was said to have been involved in a fraud case that cost the victim nearly 85 million won. Launching Kbizoom, this fraud was not carried out by Han So Hee, but the biological mother. The 9ATO Entertainment agency stated the fraud case. It turns out that Han So Hee’s mother opened an account in her daughter’s name to commit fraud. When borrowing money, Ms. Shin, Han So Hee’s mother, used the bank account in Han So Hee’s name. “Mrs. Shin opened a bank account in Han So Hee’s name and used it to borrow money without Han So Hee’s knowledge,” said a 9ATO Entertainment representative. On March 7, 2022, the agency 9ato Entertainment announced its official position on Han So Hee’s mother, charged with fraud. It said that the artist would not be responsible and pay the debt that Mrs. Shin has used. “Han So Hee will not be responsible for related debts,” said 9ATO Entertainment. “The mother, Mrs. Shin, used the bank account created in Han So Hee’s name in the loan process.” “Mrs. Shin opened a bank account when Han So Hee was a minor and used it to borrow money,” the agency continued. money in the bank, Han So Hee’s mother was also desperate to falsify some documents that violated the law, “There was even falsification of personal documents.” “A series of cases like that lead to civil courts, but the court draws the line that Han So Hee is not related,” said the agency. As a result of this incident, the agency apologized for the chaos. “With the hope that there will be no more victims in the future, we are providing this additional explanation.” “It’s true that we can’t sever the relationship between mother and daughter.” “We apologize to those who inadvertently suffered losses,” explained the agency. The agency also explained why Han So Hee would not be responsible for the behavior of the biological mother. According to the agency, this was done to prevent and stop someone who wants to earn money by abusing their children’s celebrity status. Previously, YouTuber Lee Jin Ho claimed that Han So Hee’s mother was sued for fraud worth tens of millions of Won. Mrs. Shin was accused of not paying after borrowing 85 million Won or about 997 million from B from February 2018 to September 2019. B claims that Ms. Shin promised to pay her debt of 2 million Won or around Rp. 23 million per month. But until now, Mrs. Shin has not paid off the payment correctly. Meanwhile, Han So Hee was also involved in paying his mother’s debt in 2020.
At that time, the actress apologized.
“I paid off my mother’s debt as far as I could, but the amount swelled beyond my control.” “I thought paying off the debt on her behalf was the only solution.” “That is my immature judgment, and more victims seem to be suffering from it,” said Han So Hee at the time.



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