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Han So-hee’s Intriguing Response to Age-Shaming Trolls: Embracing Age with a Bold Question – ‘I’m Old, What Should I Do?

South Korean actress Han So-hee, known for her role in ‘The World of the Married’, recently addressed aging-related malicious comments with poise, stating, “I’m old. What should I do?” This was revealed during her appearance alongside Park Seo-joon on ‘Channel Fifteen Nights’, discussing their Netflix series ‘Gyeongseong Creature’.

Initially, So-hee and Seo-joon shared an awkward relationship, limited to greetings during the first year of filming. This changed during the final action scene, leading to a closer bond. Seo-joon, described as reserved by writer Lee Woo-jung and producer Na Young-seok, found a unique connection with So-hee, surprising many.

So-hee’s approach to friendship is straightforward, preferring genuine interactions over flattery. This approach, she believes, helped forge their friendship. An amusing incident highlighted their initial discomfort, where So-hee broke the ice by asking Seo-joon about his blood type and MBTI, leading to a humorous and speechless moment.

Seo-joon finds So-hee’s honesty and clear opinions attractive, admiring her ability to express herself without pretense. So-hee, on the other hand, is known for her introspective hobbies like researching and thinking, often contemplating new angles for her colleagues, like suggesting a villain role for Seo-joon.

So-hee’s rise to fame post ‘The World of the Married’ brought attention to her appearance, prompting her to seek roles that focus less on looks, like in ‘My Name’. Known as a homebody, she shares her nervousness about socializing, yet ironically, her character is often perceived as glamorous and charming.

Her recent trip to Hong Kong with her brother and a friend ended humorously with a familial squabble. Reflecting on her past, So-hee shared her initial plans to study in France, altered by an unexpected acting opportunity during a commercial shoot.

Addressing the issue of malicious comments, especially regarding aging, So-hee is mentally preparing to accept and embrace it. She seeks to shift focus from her appearance to her acting skills, discussing this challenge with senior actors like Kim Hye-soo and Kim Hae-sook.
Han So-hee’s journey is marked by her resilience against criticism, her pursuit of authentic relationships, and her thoughtful approach to acting and life.

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