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Has Son Ye Jin disclosed the name of the son she had with Hyun Bin? the first image

Actress Son Ye Jin shared the first image of her new baby son on social media. After marrying her actor spouse Hyun Bin earlier this year, she made the pregnancy announcement.
Actress Kid Ye Jin gave her admirers their first look at her newborn son at last. She married her co-star in Crash Landing On You, Hyun Bin, earlier this year, and gave birth to a kid. She acknowledged choosing a natural birth in her most recent Instagram post and thanked everyone for their love and support. The actor further revealed that they gave their son the name Alkong.
She shared a black-and-white image of her son’s little feet. He seemed to be resting on father Hyun Bin’s hands. The child’s face has not yet been made public by the couple.
“Merry Christmas! “, Son Ye Jin said in a lengthy message to her followers on her personal Instagram account, according to Koreaboo’s translation. I hope everything is okay with you. 2022 has already come to an end. You helped me a lot, and I’ve been doing fine. This year has been very memorable for me. You are aware that my husband and I celebrated the birth of our beloved son. I also discovered that bringing a life into the world requires a lot of love, care, and assistance. I wanted to express my gratitude to all who have supported me.
“My kid arrived a little early than I had anticipated, and I was anxious about him. But it gave me a chance to consider spontaneous delivery. And fortunately, I was able to give birth naturally. Thank you to Samsungsoo OBGYN’s director Shin Mi Young for providing such loving care for Alkong. Thank you to professor Oh Soo Young at the Samsung Seoul Medical Center who supported me while I was debating whether to have a c-section or a vaginal delivery. And thanks to all the medical personnel that helped me get Alkong! I appreciate all the prenatal massages and the postpartum care you provided, DeRAMA Postpartum Care Center. Thank you for looking after me so well, even though I was worn out from caring for a baby,” she said.
The actor said, “She has many people to thank.” She said, “I feel like I’m finally becoming a grownup, now that I have my own kid,” as she reflected on parenting. Alkong’s preciousness makes me think of how valuable children we are to our own parents. Every newborn is a gift. They make the world shine. I feel absolutely hopeless now that I’ve found someone I love more than I love myself, yet at the same time, I feel stronger than ever and like I can accomplish anything.
“Amid a whirlwind of diverse emotions and ideas, I made the decision to live in appreciation. Despite being a given, it’s really simple to forget. And I appreciate you praying for me, fans. Thanks to you, I was reunited with my newborn child. I’m extremely grateful to you all.”
She also made a particular note of her husband Hyun Bin, who only a short while ago made his first public appearance as a father. Regarding him, the actor stated, “I am grateful to (my husband) for accomplishing all of this as I continued to fall in love with Alkong every day. I really hope that everyone has a wonderful Christmas this year. Throughout 2022, everyone of you was amazing. I’ll work hard to maintain my health. You make every effort to be joyful!
Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin, both 40, are two of the most well-known South Korean actors who shot to fame throughout the world thanks to the success of their international romantic drama Crash Landing On You. After dating for a while, the pair wed on March 31, 2022 in a little ceremony.



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