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Having surpassed TWICE, Blackpink, but Oh My Girl’s comeback was unsuccessful.

Recently, Oh My Girl has officially returned to the Kpop race with the song “Real Love”. It can be seen that after a series of hits like Nonstop, Dolphin, Dun Dun Dance, Oh My Girl became a formidable girl group among the 3rd generation Kpop groups. So, when they returned with “Real Love”, the girls. Expected by the fans.
Thinking that the new song would bombard the charts, the “Real Love” ranking was not very good; even on Melon, it dropped to a lower rank than the song released nearly a year ago, “Dun Dun Dance”.
Not only has the digital music chart low, the whole album “Real Love” is expected to break the previous album sales record, but after 6 days, the sales of “Real Love” only reached nearly 48,240 copies. This number is not equal to the first-day “Dear. Oh My Girl” (53 thousand copies) sales.
Previously, Oh My Girl had owned songs for about 2 years, which achieved good results on Korea’s popular music charts. The group even surpassed a series of formidable opponents such as Blackpink and TWICE to achieve a record with the song “Nonstop”. However, until now, they have not kept their form.



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