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Heartwarming Hyun Bin! Son Ye Jin said she is in the happiest state with her son alkong and hyun bin!

In March 2022, fans of the BinJin couple had every reason to celebrate. Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin, the beloved South Korean actors, tied the knot in a joyous wedding ceremony. Fast forward to the present, and the couple has yet another reason to smile – the arrival of their charming baby boy.

For Son Ye Jin, these recent events have ushered in a phase of unparalleled happiness. She has been a familiar face at various events, gracing the Valentino fashion show and participating in multiple photoshoots. However, these days, her world primarily revolves around her little one. In her own words, she exclaims, “My life now revolves around my child, and I couldn’t be happier.”

Meanwhile, Hyun Bin’s recent appearance in a crocodile-themed photoshoot garnered significant attention. The crocodile collection for men’s fashion is nothing short of stunning, and Hyun Bin undoubtedly does justice to the attire. Known for his versatility, Hyun Bin approaches each project with an eagerness to explore new horizons. While he enjoys experimenting with roles, he places great emphasis on comfort when it comes to his personal style. Nevertheless, he occasionally spices things up by incorporating statement pieces such as elegant timepieces and stylish footwear. This crocodile photoshoot aligns perfectly with his fashion sensibilities.

In a recent interview, Hyun Bin shared some insights about his role in the hit series “Crash Landing on You.” He expressed his fondness for the character, describing it as pure, serious, and characterized by an unwavering willingness to make sacrifices for loved ones. It’s these qualities that have resonated with fans and endeared them to him. In reality, this portrayal isn’t too far from the truth, as he is known to be a loving father and husband, deeply devoted to his son and wife.

These heartwarming developments are a testament to the genuine happiness shared by Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin. Their love story continues to inspire fans around the world, and their journey into parenthood is undoubtedly one filled with joy and devotion. The couple’s shared happiness, on and off the screen, is something that resonates with their fans and keeps the world enamored with their story.

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