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Here is a sneak peek into Blackpink member Jennie’s lifestyle with these 7 pictures of her home! Take a look.

Blackpink’s Jennie is quite the modern idol and has quite a luxurious lifestyle. We mainly get a front-row seat to her opulent lifestyle when she posts pictures of her home! As per a Zoom TV Entertainment report, she has styled the home to be highly stylish and luxurious. Take a look:

1) Pastel Pieces:

Jennie loves pastel colours and is often spotted donned in these shades. She also picked out furniture for her home in some pastel shades, which can be seen in most of her pictures.

2) Wooden flooring:

The house has carpeted floors and wooden floors that we got a glimpse of while she enjoyed some time with her furry friends.

3) Artistic Kitchen:

Her kitchen is a classic piece of art! She has styled it well. We got a glimpse into her kitchen when she posted pictures of herself cooking. Fans wondered if the background was part of the kitchen or the house. Nonetheless, it looked amazing!

4) Funky Pieces:

She has accessorized her home with quite a few funky pieces, one of them being the Seletti mirror that went viral on the internet! She makes for quite a funky mirror selfie!

5) Soft Bed:

Her bed has a fantastic bed littered with soft pillows. It seems pretty comfy and seems like it would be a dream to sleep in it!

6) Fitness corner:

Her home, of course, has a fitness corner too!

7) Laundry Room:

Her gorgeous Christmas tree was a sight worth seeing. She decorated it exceptionally well!

Please take a look at these pictures of Jennie’s home to give you a glimpse into her opulent lifestyle here. What are your thoughts on the idol’s stunning home? Let us know in the comments below!



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