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Humiliated by Nam Joo Hyuk, Bae Suzy Immediately Hits The Actor Who Was Allegedly Bullying.

Beautiful actress Bae Suzy humiliated Nam Joo Hyuk after a kiss scene in the drama Start-Up.
Recently, Nam Jo Hyuk has become a hot topic of conversation for fans. Because he became one of the shining actors in 2022.
Together with the beautiful actress Kim Tae Ri, Nam Joo Hyuk performed well in the drama Twenty Five Twenty One. The drama, which aired last February, managed to achieve a high rating to become one of the best-selling dramas in 2022 so far. But as the saying goes, the taller a tree stands, the stronger the wind will blow. Nam Joo Hyuk, who is currently at the peak of his popularity, is receiving unpleasant rumors.
A netizen revealed that he was the victim of Nam Joo Hyuk’s bullying when he was in school. After this rumor surfaced, many netizens dug into Nam Joo Hyuk’s past. One of the hottest moments was when Nam Joo Hyuk was filming with the beautiful actress Bae Suzy for the drama project Start Up.
Lately, the behind-the-scenes kiss scene of Nam Joo Hyuk and Suzy in the drama that aired in 2020 has become the talk.
After filming a big scene on the rooftop, Nam Joo Hyuk was judged to be disrespectful to Bae Suzy because of his words.
Because after the kiss scene, Nam Joo Hyuk asked about what Suzy had just eaten.
“What did you eat for lunch?” asked Nam Joo Hyuk to Bae Suzy.
The former member of Miss A tried to respond to Nam Joo Hyuk’s question casually.
“I eat noodles? Do I smell like noodles? Why are you asking that?” Suzy replied while blushing.
As if not satisfied with Bae Suzy’s answer, Nam Joo Hyuk again asked a more scathing question.
“Does it smell like Samhap?” said Nam Joo Hyuk.
Suzy was immediately shocked to hear her co-star’s question, then former Lee Min Ho asked back.
“Did you eat Samhap?” Nam Joohyuk chuckled and replied, “No, no”.
A little information, Samhap is a type of traditional food from South Korea made from fermented fish that is eaten together with kimchi and pork belly.
This food is famous for its distinctive smell, even when you are finished eating the smell of ammonia that comes out of the samhap will still be there.
Feeling even more embarrassed by Nam Jo Hyuk’s question, Bae Suzy immediately hit the actor’s arm while asking.
“Why are you asking what I ate after the kiss scene?”
Nam Joo Hyuk’s treatment of Bae Suzy received strong criticism from fans.
Because questions like that are inappropriate to say to a woman, especially after they have done a kissing scene with their mouths.
However, some netizens also defended Nam Joo Hyuk because they thought that the actor was trying to lighten the mood by joking.
“It’s not polite and very unethical to be asked right after the kissing scene, especially when it’s asked by a woman. Even though Suzy answered with a laugh, there must be a little bit of shame in doing it,” wrote the account owner @bla********
“Yeah, it’s really not polite, if I was in Suzy’s position, I would be ashamed to enter it,” wrote the account owner @nu********
“If for example he is just joking, the joke is not funny seriously,” wrote the account owner @ci*******
“Bitch, just because there are cases, all of them are linked. Even though it’s a joke. If it’s rude, the video certainly won’t be spread,” wrote the account owner @d*****
Previously, Nam Joo Hyuk was accused of bullying his classmates when he was in middle school.
Nam Joo Hyuk’s classmate claimed to be a victim of bullying by the Start-Up actor.
The agency that oversees Nam Joo Hyuk, Management SOOP immediately denied the rumors.
The agency’s attitude was immediately criticized by netizens for denying the rumors without investigating the truth of the rumors.
Until now, rumors of Nam Joo Hyuk being a bully have not been proven true, I hope for the best.



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