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Hyeri – Rosé’s best friend, Jisoo (Blackpink), is quite comfortable when talking about negative comments about her on social networks.

Hyeri was born in 1994, known as a member of the girl group Girl’s Day. In addition to singing, the female singer encroached on acting and was loved for the role of Sung Duk Sun in “Reply 1988” thanks to her natural acting and “smooth” way of playing the role.
After the movie, Hyeri’s name rose like a kite in the wind. She is sought after in the film industry as the “new advertising queen” of the Korean entertainment industry. She even ranked 3rd among the most powerful Korean artists selected by Forbes magazine in 2016.
However, contrary to the increasing popularity, the films that Hyeri participated in, such as “Entertainment,” “Police Couple,” “Miss Lee,” “Beast Hunt,” “My Roommate” I’m a fox “… all received criticism for their ridiculous performance, one-color expression and lack of conviction. The singer even had to write a handwritten apology to the audience, confirming that she would soon improve her acting skills.
However, female stars still need to avoid negative comments on social networks. Hyeri revealed that she often looks at online comments, but that doesn’t leave her with too many negative effects.
“Actually, there are more good comments than bad ones, so that’s okay. When I see something absurd, I just say to myself: ‘This person really doesn’t like me’. But sometimes, there are comments where I get stuck. At that time, I will review the issues and learn to accept it as an aspect of my job,” – the female star shared with GQ Korea.
Reflecting on her most difficult time, Hyeri admits that she had too many goals back then, but now she thinks differently. “For now, I focus on working hard and facing whatever comes my way. I have to live in the present. I don’t live in the past, and I live today.
When something bad happens, I don’t get upset. I also vented all my anger. I let it all go and don’t hold grudges. If I’m worried about something, I’ll talk about it with people I’m close to.”
According to the Girl’s Day member, when anyone she knows becomes the target of negative comments, she always tells them, “Listen to the people you love the most and the people who love you the most.” This is also Hyeri’s motto in life.



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